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Vibro Sand Sievers
Vibro Sand Sievers
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Linear Vibrating Screen Description

Linear vibrating screen adopts vibrating motor as vibrating source, so that the material can be throw up by the screen mesh. At the same time, it moves forward linearly. The material is uniformly sent from feeder into the inlet of screening device. Throughout several screen meshes, it will obtain products in different size. And they get out from different outlet. The linear vibrating screen has low energy consumption, high productivity, and simple structure, full sealing structure with little maintenance and without powder spilling. It has automatic discharging device that it's more suitable for line production.

Vibrating Screen Working Principle

When linear vibrating screen operates, motors will rotates at the same time in reverse direction that forced the screen driving the screen mesh to do longitudinal motion. Thus the material can be thrown cyclically by the exciting force to achieve the goal of material selecting. When motors work, the exciting force caused by eccentric block will offset on the direction which paralleled to the motor axis. On the direction which is perpendicular to the motor axis the force is joined. Thus the motion of the screen is linear. There is an inclination between two motor axis and the screen, under the join force of exciting force and gravity of material itself, the material is thrown forward to move linearly.

Application of Vibration Screen

The screen machine is suitable for screening powders, particles and liquids. Widely used in mining (stone, mica, lime, sand, cement, coal, ceramic), food (flour, grain, rice, Salt, starch), chemical (paints, cosmetics), fertilizer, medicine, spices and other industries.

  • Large capacity, multi layers, fine screening.
  • Suitable for all kinds of powders, particles and liquids.
  • Little energy consumption and little noise.
  • No block of screen nets
  • High accuracy of selecting, large capacity and simple structure.
  • Full-sealing structure, automatic discharging that it's much more suitable for line production

Range: 3 Tons / hr.