Sand Coolers (Vibro Sand Coolers)

Capacity (Ton / hr) 10 15 20 25
Drive Power (KW) ----- 2.2 X 2 4 X 2 4 X 2
Size / Length / Width (mm) 4000 X 650 4000 X 650 4000 X 1070 4000 X 1610
Fluidisation Fan Power (KW) 11 11 15 15

Polygonal Sand Sievers

Capacity (Ton / hr) 20 40
Motor (HP) 5 7.5

Vibro Sand Sievers

Vibro Sand Sievers
Vibro Sand Sievers
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Linear Vibrating Screen Description

Linear vibrating screen adopts vibrating motor as vibrating source, so that the material can be throw up by the screen mesh. At the same time, it moves forward linearly. The material is uniformly sent from feeder into the inlet of screening device. Throughout several screen meshes, it will obtain products in different size. And they get out from different outlet. The linear vibrating screen has low energy consumption, high productivity, and simple structure, full sealing structure with little maintenance and without powder spilling. It has automatic discharging device that it's more suitable for line production.

Vibrating Screen Working Principle

When linear vibrating screen operates, motors will rotates at the same time in reverse direction that forced the screen driving the screen mesh to do longitudinal motion. Thus the material can be thrown cyclically by the exciting force to achieve the goal of material selecting. When motors work, the exciting force caused by eccentric block will offset on the direction which paralleled to the motor axis. On the direction which is perpendicular to the motor axis the force is joined. Thus the motion of the screen is linear. There is an inclination between two motor axis and the screen, under the join force of exciting force and gravity of material itself, the material is thrown forward to move linearly.

Application of Vibration Screen

The screen machine is suitable for screening powders, particles and liquids. Widely used in mining (stone, mica, lime, sand, cement, coal, ceramic), food (flour, grain, rice, Salt, starch), chemical (paints, cosmetics), fertilizer, medicine, spices and other industries.

  • Large capacity, multi layers, fine screening.
  • Suitable for all kinds of powders, particles and liquids.
  • Little energy consumption and little noise.
  • No block of screen nets
  • High accuracy of selecting, large capacity and simple structure.
  • Full-sealing structure, automatic discharging that it's much more suitable for line production

Range: 3 Tons / hr.

Inline Knockout Machines


This is another type of knockout machine. This is simple and robust machine designed for continuous duty to separate castings from sand, cores from castings & feed sand from one place to another place. It consist of top frame made of number of Flats, two vibro motors, Main body, Feeder Trough & the base frame is specially designed to withstand heavy shots and overload. The main body is supported on a sets of coil springs, which is designed in such a way that it will transmit very less vibration effect to the base frame. The trough Vibrates with higher efficiency, which is constant over the entire area, which gives the maximum achievable capacity. Due to the vibration produced the sand particle will move from its place and it will discharge to hopper.

  • High Precision
  • Sturdy
  • Energy efficient
  • Long service life


500 kg To 20000 kg & 3 Meter To 6 Meter

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

Size (mm) Capacity
750 X 375 5
1070 X 555 7 to 10
1280 X 645 15 to 30

Sand Storage Hoppers

Sand Storage Hoppers for Foundry and Sand Plants
Sand Storage Hoppers for Foundry and Sand Plants
Sand Storage Hoppers for Foundry and Sand Plants
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We offer our clients with an extensive range of Sand storage Hopper which is manufactured as per the quality standards of the industry. Sand storage hopper is used to store the sand in large capacity. This hoppers are used for fresh sand storage, moulding sand storage, for return sand storage etc. This hopper is fabricated from MS channels, angles & plates. To avoid choking & to give the free movement the uniflow arrangement is made in the bottom of hopper also a cone shaped fabricated part is mounted on inside hopper. Which will carry the total sand load & it will guide the sand to move freely. All our industrial storage hoppers are available in different capacities and are provided to our clients as per their specific requirements.

  • Low maintenance
  • Robust construction
  • Durablee

Range : 5 To 100 Tons.

Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyors for Foundry
Belt Conveyors for Foundry
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Belt conveyors were created for use in foundries under severe working condition, where both high productivity and the long plant running time, require great machine efficiency. Product is conveyed directly on the belt so both regular and irregular shaped objects, large or small, light and heavy, can be transported successfully. Belt conveyors can be used to transport product in a straight line or through changes in elevation or direction. A Belt Conveyors consists of a body of a metal frame with pulleys at either end or bed of rollers in between. Belt is looped around each pulley's. When one of the belt is powered by electrical motor, the belting slides across the rollers there by moving the product on the top of the belt.

  • Low maintenance
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Endure operational temperature
  • No spillage of sand
  • Continuous duty

Range : 5 to 40 Ton / hr

Bentonite Addition Systems (Load Cell Systems)

Bentonite Addition Systems
Load Cell Systems

This system is basically used in green sand plants.

There are three main components of system
  • Screw conveyor
  • Hopper
  • Load cell system

This system is handelled by plc control. Bentonite addition system contains Two hoppers one for bentonite storage and another for coal powder Storage. Screw conveyor decides how much powder percentage is required And finally the load cell discharges calculated amount of material.

  • We use automatic plc control system in which no need of human Effort.
  • Automatic plc system inhances the quality of sand combination.
  • Once hoppers are filled with material then it is sufficient for whole Day.

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Stationary Vibro Knockout

Grid Size (mm) 1000 X 1200 1000 X 1500 1000 X 3000 1000 X 4000
Elecetic Motor (Kw) 0.75 X 2 1.3 X 2 1.8 X 2 2.2 X 2

Vibro Feeders

  • Vibrating feeder is used for travelling of hot sand. We produce vibrating feeder upto 6 meter length.