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Liner Vibrators

We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Liner Vibrators, Furnace Lining Vibrator, Pneumatic Liner Vibrators. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we serve customers from African, Gulf countries and all over India.

In induction furnaces working face of the main crucible is lined with a suitable ramming mass. Furnace performance is directly related to the lining performance. Well-stabilized lining results in smooth working of furnace, optimum output and better metallurgical control. The lining practice best suited to particular foundry will depend upon the furnace capacity and design, metal being melted and output etc.

• High installed density with a moisture-free refractory.
• Reduce installation time, lower the dust and noise.
• Lightweight and portable, convenient to operation.
• Assure a high quality and effective installation.
• Compacts refractory material with equal density.
• Remove risks, such as cracks and gas pockets on refractory.
• Completes ramming operation in a very short time.
• Extends life of refractory.
• More melting done with the time saving.
• Easy installation procedure
• Easy maintenance

 Comparison Manual Lining V/S Lining Using Vibrator

 Sr. No.

 Manual Lining

 Using Lining Vibrator


 Lining life is inconsistence & shorter.

 Consistent and improve lining life


 Unpredictable production

 Predictable and increased total output tonnage


 Density of Lining is not uniform throughout the shell.

 Density of lining is uniform throughout the shell.


 Lining thickness is not uniform throughout the shell.

 Lining thickness is uniform throughout the shell.


 Lots of hazardous silica & dust in the air

 Pollution free


 whole process is time consuming

 Whole process of lining is completed in 2-3 hours.


 Trouble due to human component like attitude, error & fatigue.

 Smooth and trouble free operation

 Machine Model :
 SM Model  Capacity (Furnace)  Vibrator
 VE LV 01  500 Kg-1.5 TON  2 Arm Vibrator
Liner Vibrators
Liner Vibrators