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Bottom Pouring Ladles For Foundry

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Bottom Pouring Ladle, Steel Bottom Pouring Ladle, For Metal Pouring, For Foundry. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we serve customers from African, Gulf countries and all over India.

Bottom pouring ladles are used for Steel Casting. For bottom pour ladles, a stopper rod is inserted into a tapping hole in the bottom of the ladle. To pour metal the stopper is raised vertically to allow the metal to flow out the bottom of the ladle. To stop pouring the stopper rod is inserted back into the drain hole. Any impurities in the molten metal will form on the top of the metal so by taking the metal from the base of the ladle, the impurities are not poured into the mould. The bail arm is strong enough to withstand heat & load for years together without any distortion. Vent holes are provided to remove gases. A locking device is provided to keep the ladle vertical during handling. Gear box is provided for easy tilting of the ladle while pouring. Ladle can be designed as per customer requirement.

• Quick and simple erection
• Precision engineered
• Consistent performance
• Robustness
• Lower temperature losses
• Safer ladle operation
• Ease of ladle operation

• 500 Kg-10 ton

Bottom Pouring Ladles For Foundry